Breast Reduction Photographs

This woman had symptomatic large breasts and underwent breast reduction with a scar around the areolar, a vertical scar, and a horizontal scar along the fold under the breast.

        Preoperative Photograph           Postoperative Photograph


These pictures are of a BRCA (+) patient with history of previous breast reduction with scars around the areola, vertical scar, and horizontal scar in the fold. The patient's goal was for natural breasts, even smaller in size, and a flat abdomen. The patient chose bilateral DIEP flap breast reconstruction at the time of nipple preserving mastectomies. 

Below is the before mastectomy photograph.










Below is a postoperation photograph 2.5 months after double nipple preserving mastectomies and DIEP flap breast reconstructions. The patient had successful nipple preservation. The scars are located around the areola and there is a vertical scar. The abdominal scar will more fade at about a year.







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