Breast Reduction

Women choose to have a breast reduction procedure for back pain, shoulder pain, skin irritation and rashes under the breast, and pain from bra straps cutting into the skin.  When a patient requires breast reconstruction for cancer treatment and also wants a breast reduction, Dr. Vasile may use a variety of techniques for reducing the breast volume and breast skin "envelope". The decision of which technique to use is primarily based on the anatomy of each individual.

Vertical Scar

An incision is made from the lowest point of the areola to the fold under the breast. The breast tissue is removed by the mastectomy breast surgeon. A patient's own fat is placed in the same location that the breast tissue was removed. The breast skin is redraped and sometimes an area of breast skin is removed for large reductions in size.

Anchor Scar

An additional incision isalso made horizontally along the fold under the breast for removal of more breast skin for even larger reductions in size.

Areolar Scar

An incision is made around the areola if the nipple areolar skin requires removal as part of the cancer treatment, or if the nipple areolar will be raised to a higher location (lifted).

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