Patient 13 SIEA & DIEP

These photographs show the stages of reconstruction in a woman with breast cancer and history of multiple surgeries to the abdomen. She wanted to use her abdomen to reconstruct her breasts, but it was not clear if she was a candidiate for DIEP flap due to the many previous surgeries to the right abdomen. The patient 's goal was natural breasts about the same size.

Below is the preoperative photograph.


MRA showed that she was a candidate for DIEP Flap using the left side of her abdomen, but not a candidate for DIEP flap using the right side of the abdomen because the vessel anatomy was disrupted. However, the MRA showed she was a candidate for a different vessel SIEA Flap using the right side of the abdomen. Below is a photograph of the woman after mastectomy and immediate reconstruction.


With the flatter abdomen and new healthy lifestyle, the woman opted for smaller breast size. Below is a photograph of the woman after breast reductions with nipple reconstructions.


Below is a photograph immediately after the tattooing. The redness of the tattooing will subside in 2 days.


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