DIEP Flap Testimonial

Dear Dr. Vasile,

I cannot thank you enough for your kindness, consideration of my financial and insurance situation, and above all, the beautiful work you've done on my DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction (using my own fat and skin only from my abdomen), not to mention the bonus youthful tummy tuck you did.

As I've mentioned before, I feel whole and balanced again. For almost 4 years, I have suffered from severe capsular contracture among other complications of a prior breast reconstructive surgery done with silicone implant. It took me all that time to forget, deny, wish that it will get better on its own, and I almost gave up on having it corrected. I was very afraid of the outcome again. And then, there was the question, who will I trust to do the surgery? It took me that 4 years to ask around and research online.

I consider myself a very difficult patient because I am a registered nurse of over 35 years experience in clinical, education, administration, and consulting. I have seen and experienced enough to know what are the risks involved in any kind of surgery. Also, I am not too trusting about unnecessary exposure to new technologies and procedures when it comes to my body.

When I first met you in 2008, I found you very professional in demeanor and manner. You were very thorough in your assessment of my medical condition needing corrective reconstructive surgery. You were very open to answer all my questions, and I found you very knowledgable, and that you paid attention to all the details. You also presented options, and even referred me to confer with the MRA radiologist doctor when I had questions about the technology. I saw a rising "star", and my gut told me, "you are the one."

After a process of elimination, I decided that you were the right person to do my surgery for the reasons given above, and mainly, you were performing the surgery day in and day out with experts in the field like Dr. Joshua Levine, and Dr. Allen. I also felt a positive doctor-patient relationship with you. After talking with patients you have performed surgery on, I felt confident you would do an excellent job.

I was right! You did not only an excellent job, but a work of art, close to my natural breast. I am very happy to see a pair of natural looking and symmetrical breasts, perhaps even better than before, especially after the nipple reconstruction. I can't believe it's possible to create a nipple as natural looking as your own. It is so wonderful to have my new breast, and my other breast revised. I am healing very well after only a week into my second stage. Stage one of my breast reconstruction was the same fast recovery. I cannot wait to be tattooed for the areola.

And to think of our concern because of my age, 65 years old! I look back, and say, there is a reason I did not get it done before. You were not yet available! I am glad I waited. Truly.

I know that you recently opened your Connecticut office when you performed my surgery, but I have a good eye for true experts out there having been in the medical field myself, both civilian and military.

I wish you utmost success in your chosen career to help women with breast cancer regain their self-confidence and whole self again. And I know that you do well in other areas of your expertise.

I will always remember your kindness, mastery of the art in your expertise, and spread the word around to others who may want your highly specialized services.

Sincerely yours,

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