DIEP Flap Testimonial

Dear Dr. Vasile,

Words cannot express the difference you've made in my life. Two years ago my (cosmetic) breast augmentation failed as I developed staph and strep in my left breast. For several weeks my body fought the infection but ultimately I had the implant removed which left me with a fairly significant deformity.

Your expertise and forthrightness helped me to make an educated decision regarding the restoration of my body using the DIEP Flap reconstruction surgery. You offered me options and thoroughly explained all risks involved with each procedure.

What I appreciated most during that time was your professionalism and caring nature. Prior to consulting with you I had been examined by two other surgeons, a plastic surgeon and a breast reconstruction surgeon, both of whom treated me in a way that left me feeling ashamed of my body. I had little hope of returning my body to a natural state, free of implants and worries about future implant failure...until I met you.

You and your staff were compassionate, informative and not once did I ever feel alone. You addressed all my concerns and fears as they arose and during my recovery you were always available. I was especially grateful to your staff who handled all the insurance paperwork so I could focus on my health and recovery.

Not only did you beautifully reconstruct both breasts but I now have a flat stomach as well. You returned my self confidence to me. I'm not afraid to look in the mirror anymore. In fact, I like looking in the mirror now!

I would not hesitate for a second to recommend you, Dr. Vasile, to any woman who is in need. You are an extremely skilled surgeon and beautiful human being. Thank you for choosing the profession you did and thank you for helping me find myself

I'll never forget you.

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