DIEP Flap Testimonial

Dear Patient,

It is my pleasure to speak of my experience with Dr. Julie Vasile. The reason of my testimony is not only to speak of what an amazing surgeon she is, but also to touch on characteristics such as: caring, attentive, considerate, flexible, perfectionist, passionate, dedicated, with a purpose, loyal, personable, human, and too many others to speak of.

I discovered my tumor in September 2012. After the pathology came back breast cancer, like many others before me, I frantically searched for my next move. In doing so, I spoke to my local surgeons. After reading the insert over the weekend for silicone implants, I said to myself "no way!"

I am a RN, and found Dr. Vasile from out of state. I was originally scheduled for surgery in October 2012 with another surgeon. My gut feeling was to call her. Nothing in life happens by accident, and I took an opening to fly to NY for consultation. We had a lot of preparation to do in the weeks before the surgery. It was tedious, but worth it! She called with everything I needed to do. After meeting her, I was sure I had made the right decision.

The surgery was complex. The team was amazing. They worked hand in hand with a top breast surgeon in Westchester, NY. I was in good hands...literally. DIEP is more intense up front, but when you're done, you're done. No more to worry about.

Dr. Vasile is dedicated to women with breast cancer, and is passionate on how you feel after going through the hell of cancer. She cares. She is one of a kind. She held my hand at a time when I needed hand holding! Her staff was equally supportive, patient, kind, and informative!

I highly recommend Dr. Julie Vasile. I could go on all day for the reasons why. I hope this helped you make one of the most important decisions of your life. I am also willing to personally speak with anyone who has questions or concerns regarding the surgical option of DIEP after their consultation.


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